Welcome to Contentonomics. This site guides you to a way of looking at the playing field we call the economy and your potential role as a successful player on this field. By “living Contentonomics”, you earn your financial well-being, AND maximize your chance for the reward, respect, and recognition that virtually all of us desire.

Most importantly, you know that you have connected positively and constructively to others, to the community,in a way that brings personal pleasure and satisfaction – Contentonomics!


Contentonomics is a philosophy, or way of living, that I believe maximizes the possibility of well-being in a complex, globalized world. It is the result of many years’ experience working, traveling, meeting people in over 50 countries, and from a desire to live life to the fullest.

To see if Contentonomics is good for you, let’s ask some questions:

• Are you satisfied with your well-being in the community?
• Are you confidently anticipating an exciting, satisfying future, and do you expect to achieve it?
• Do you truly enjoy work and the significance of what you do?
• Do you realize that you have an important role to play in today’s economy?
• Do you feel that the economy, the community, can be your friend and partner?
• Do you feel at one with the world?

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, then Contentonomics is most definitely good for you!

So, What do we mean by “Contentonomics”?

Essentially three things:

First, a relaxed attitude toward others and the economic community. This attitude understands that we have created the economy to satisfy individual and collective human needs, even if we are unsettled by, and want to change, many things about it.

Second, seeing your work and the effort you expend in working as your link to others in the economy, others who in turn are linked to you, all while collectively providing usefulness and service for the benefit of the community. Also, knowing that your work always can be improved “in the eyes of others”, and knowing that in the improvement of your work, you achieve personal economic growth.

Thirdly, the ability to see that consumption of commodities, whether “necessities” or “frivolities” satisfy the most basic of human needs: the need to survive, to have entertainment and leisure, and importantly for many of us, a sense achievement. Also, in consumption we link to the community, to the world at large, and to the accumulated wisdom of the ages. Everyone consumes at some level, everyone wants something, even at the level of a simple life. We will call this third aspect of Contentonomics, the ability to Consume with Passion.

Emanuel A. Frenkel – Who am I?

I am a Lecturer Emeritus on the economics faculty of the University of California, Davis where I have been honored with the “Excellence in Education Award for Distinguished Teaching.” For 20 years prior to my teaching, I served on the executive management team at Bank of America Corporation, retiring in 2000 as Senior Vice President and Chief International Economist. I have lectured around the world on economic and financial topics and led seminars on the value of cultural diversity in the workplace. I am an avid fan of ice cream and road-biking. I live in Davis California with my wife, two cats, and children close by. I take my vacations in California and France.

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