Welcome to Contentonomics

Welcome to Contentonomics. Contentonomics is a way living, a philosophy of action, an attitude of positive expectation. It is based on a three simple notions. The first is that the need for respect, reward, and recognition is universal, and that a sense of self-worth and contentment comes from satisfying this need. The second notion is that feeling connected to, and “at one” with, the world and its human achievements, is a source of personal serenity. The third is that it is on the playing field called the Economy where one can achieve respect, reward, recognition, and feel “at one” with the world, even if one’s life goal is to change things about it.

By “living Contentonomics” you see the economy and your role in the economy in a new way. By living Contentonomics, you position yourself on the economic playing field to best receive the self-worth you desire and simultaneously see the community as a friend and partner – you feel at one with the world.

No one can escape the economy. We are the economy; it is our community. In this community, each one of us is a producer and a consumer. Rich, less-than-rich, old, young, rural or urban, we go through our lives producing something and consuming much. As producers we create value with work, effort, talents, education and ultimately products. As consumers we live surviving with necessities, and then look for ways of amusing or bettering ourselves with the diversity of goods and services that others produce. Importantly as well, as we consume, we connect with the makers of what we consume and establish lifestyles that define us.

The reward, respect and recognition we seek come from our roles as producers. As producers we earn appreciation for the value we create “in the eyes of others”. This production could be non-money products such as personality, kindness, and favors. This production can be money products, goods and services. The more value in the eyes of others in what we produce, the greater the appreciation, and from this appreciation springs much of our self-respect, our sense of well-being.

As consumers, we connect to the community by benefiting from what others produce. What each of us find useful is an individual thing and can change from moment to moment or remain constant for a long time. At a moment in time one may desire a good glass of wine or a curing antibiotic. Over a longer period, few people would resist the on-going benefits of a comfortable home.

All of the millions of products we consume answer to diverse, tastes, desires, and needs. All of the products we consume spring from technologies, education, and individuals striving to improve themselves by offering valuable products over years, even centuries.
Living Contentonomics is an appreciation of the diversity of the material world, of the efforts that create it and the most human of needs it satisfies. Living Contentonomics brings serenity that springs from the realization that as a consumer one connects positively with others and with the efforts others have made to harness knowledge and brainpower to bring products into being. As a productive producer and a creative consumer, one connects to the community and as a result more likely feels “at one” with the world.

You can use my short book Contentonomics as the road map, a rule book, for living in the economic community with a serene state of mind. It is not a get-rich-quick philosophy or a guide how to be a large consumer. It is story based common logic, a logic of success that can be applied at any level of economic production and consumption. However, if your goal is to be a hugely successful producer and cast a wide net over the goods and services of this world, the road map includes the route to that achievement as well.

The blogs that follow are ideas, commentary, and discussion of current events. However, my goal in blogging always will be to reinforce the power of Contentonomics as it relates our changing world and to your own application of it to your daily living.


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