What Is Economic Mindfulness (Being Mindful in the Economy)?

Economic Mindfulness

Overall, mindfulness means to deliberately and non-judgmentally pay attention to the present moment.

On the economic playing field, mindfulness encompasses both your own feelings toward the world about you and how you observe this world with objective and sympathetic eyes.

This mindfulness brings awareness of the human producing and consuming that continuously goes on all around you.

This mindfulness frees you from habitual and possibly prejudicial ways of thinking and feeling about the economy and your role in it.

This mindfulness promotes balance, quiet observation, wisdom about eternal economic principles and acceptance of what is.

Mindful Action on the Economic Playing Field means:

Seeing yourself becoming aware of the nurturing opportunities available to you as a producer of service to others and a consumer of others’ services.

Being aware of the reaction of one or more of your five senses when you consume those products that you do consume.

Acknowledging without judgment your personal dislikes of certain professions and produced goods and services knowing that their existence can be of value to someone else.

A Mindful Player in the Economy is one who:

Acknowledges that there is no one better or worse profession, or line of consumer goods, and that what is satisfying to one person may bring no pleasure to someone else.

Accepts that consumption-choice can be unique to self, embodying celebration, escape, individuality, habit, and culture.

Is happy that others get pleasure from consumption patterns different from one’s own.

Keeps in view the service to others one renders in production and the support to others one gives in consumption.

Is aware of the Options available on the playing field – options that can give rise to a life of Contentonomics.

Emanuel A Frenkel


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