To Consume with Passion!

What is to “Consume with Passion?”

To consume with passion is to see and use the material world with mindful and grateful appreciation of the enormous human effort and spirit that has been spent creating it.  It is also to use the products and services that one chooses or can acquire with a relaxed awareness of the senses that may be satisfied – taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing, as well as the pursuit of well-being generally.

Consuming with passion is not about how much or how little of the material world one uses. Consuming with passion is the desire and ability to see that the use of commodities, whether “necessities” or “frivolities” satisfy the most basic of human needs: the need to survive, to have entertainment and leisure, and importantly for many, a sense of achievement.  Also, in consumption we link to he community, to the world at large, and to the accumulated wisdom of the ages.  Everyone consumes at some level, everyone wants something, even at the level of the simple life.  Understanding this, and enjoying the results in daily life, is to “Consume with Passion”.

We are all consumers of something.  So let’s make the best of it and “Consume with Passion”.


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