Author Finds Economics in the Strangest Places

Davis, California – Ice cream, air travel, the neighborhood gym, rock bands, and jewelry will never be the same after a reading of Dr. Emanuel A Frenkel’s Contentonomics –Positive Mindfulness in A Material World. This economics book is the first of its kind. It takes simple acts such as drinking coffee, looking a photographs, or learning a profession and turns them into perfect examples of an economy at work, simultaneously guiding the reader to understand that by acting as a productive producer and a creative consumer one can satisfy a desire that is universal – a sense of reward, respect, and recognition from the community.

contentonomics__amazon_ebookContentonomics shows how ice cream eaters, supermarket shoppers, and income earners not only satisfy their desires for material goods, but also build connections to all the people, past and present, who bring products into the world. Available in now as an e-book from, Contentonomics is not your standard economics textbook. Its universal message is an easy read that combines economic fundamentals with self-help and personal improvement concepts, a book that will help readers get through a bad day of flat tires and detours with grace, lead them to redefine their goals, and help them grow their economic potential, a book that shows us the profound importance of our inevitable roles as producers and consumers.

“I found inspiration for this book at the local supermarket,” says Frenkel. “Food is a great product. Its diversity in its production and use has an incredible leveling effect that crosses all boundaries: class, race, age, cultures, and interests. Let’s face it, everyone loves to eat, and we can learn a lot from it.”

Contentonomics will help people feel more comfortable in, and tolerant of, their roles as producers and consumers on the economic playing field. In emphasizing the importance of personal value creation and how it can grow, as well as the significance of the physical and sensory needs we satisfy with the material world, Contentonomics opens the door to opportunity and well-being—spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally, and of course, monetarily. Frenkel teaches that economics is not only about money and numbers, but about people, and how through meaningful connections with others can one’s economic potential be achieved. As he writes, “The economy is us! We are the economy!”

Though Frenkel has used some lighthearted examples: going to get cereal, surviving alone on an island, and more, he also touches on more serious subjects, such as the outpouring of support from kind people in the wake of an airplane crash. Frenkel asks readers to look at the world through optimistic lenses. He writes, “The typical reaction to a disaster that involves human suffering is the cooperation of good-hearted people trying to make the best of a bad situation.”

In a surprise ending, Frenkel describes a blissful world in which everyone lives by the precepts of Contentonomics. He writes that while such a world may not seem possible to many of us, it can serve as a starting point upon which we can hitch our star and them move forward.

The emphasis on community is made clear by the quote that appears in the front of the book: “An important source of happiness comes from a feeling of belonging to this world.” Dr. Frenkel, on the faculty at the University of California at Davis, explains, “My hope is to change the way people view their roles in the economy. By earning the respect of others in the community through work, and by appreciating the value of what others have created one can begin to earn the type of wealth we all look for—one that leads to happiness.”

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